• KC Group is non profit organization started in 2003 and incorporated in 2005.This is a social organization dedicated to bringing together families and individuals.
We have special fondness for the Indian food

We are like minded and believe in helping others

We always want to support the community

Keen need has been felt to create a community services program to cater to Indian families in Canada. Most of the major communities have been successful in North America through these activities largely. We also have tried our bit to contribute towards this and together as a family we celebrate this life.

Centrally the idea is to help each other through networking and grow mutually as a strong growing community. We request senior citizens  to come forward and we also request all others to give their suggestions and views as well. In this endeavor we need help from all.


Group people are not only getting benefited culturally but they feel the environment of their own mother land by celebrating festivals while living in far away place like Canada and North America. If you are also interested in joining with us in this gala endeavor, please we welcome you with open arms.

It is proposed to start some of the following services

Youth Groups and kids Camps

Business Networking

Social Support Group

Promote Indian Art and Culture

Promote Indian Food

Career and Jobs counseling

Help new Immigrants

Celebrate Together