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KC Group for Environment:
This section puts a spotlight of Go Green activity of KC Group when its members planted more than 150 trees in a cold and windy morning of October the 1st, 2011.
There were about 15-20 people of all age group starting from 7 to 70 who came forward and showed not only their interest but proved their awareness towards the environment.

Trees were planted under the guidance of Jessika-Corkum, a Coordinator of City of Mississauga who explained the process of tree plantation and its importance.

KC Group is committed to offer its services towards the community and has several projects in pipeline.


How much one tree is worth in duration of 50 years:

Oxygen                                                                              $150,000
Pollution Control                                                              $300,000
Soil Conservation                                                             $170,000
Water Conservation                                                        $190,000
Habitat for Birds & Animals                                           $170,000
Wood                                                                                 $100,000